Skincare review: Tony Moly’s Latte Art, Strawberry

Before I dive in to review this product’s ingredients in detail, I have to give Tony Moly credit for their beautiful, super cute packaging. I’ll definitely be keeping the little cup as a mini storage container when I’m done with this product!

I don’t use this product more than once a week considering my skin is sensitive to phenoxyethanol and it is used in mid to high concentration in this ingredient, which sometimes causes a mild stinging sensation on my skin. I’ve found that using less frequently reduces any discomfort whilst maintaining the benefits this skincare product has to offer.

Tony Moly are a brand that I respect and enjoy, but you really do have to be wary of some of their ingredients since they have yet to eradicate potentially harmful ingredients from some areas of their skincare line. Luckily in this product, the ingredients are fairy safe (77%), but has a 14% unknown safety rating. Only 3% of ingredients present a high risk, the sole ingredient responsible is a popular skincare additive; fragrance. Obviously, fragrances aren’t necessarily harmful but lack of specification on the ingredients list means that we can never really be too sure. Unfortunately, fragrance is rather high up on the ingredients list, which isn’t ideal! It really does smell great though, and that’s probably one of the main reasons I’m still using it.

This scrub is very gentle in texture but not so much in its ingredient-power. It has a comedogenic rating of 2 (coming from the high concentrations of Ceryl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol), despite boasting that the ‘warming sensation’ removes impurities from the pores. I’m not stupid and I don’t buy that for a second, I’d imagine the warming sensation comes from the acidity of the product and doesn’t have too much to do with extracting impurities from your skin, but I do really love the feeling of my skin after using it. I would recommending keeping away from this product if you have particularly dry and sensitive skin, despite the fact that it has Butylene Glycol and Glycerin which are both powerfully moisturising components found in this product.

I haven’t noticed any pore-clogging from this product but I think that could be largely down to the fact that I balance out the negatives of this skincare product with the rest of my skincare routine. Fungal acne sufferers beware, this product also contains 4 separate triggers for your skin condition and so I really really would not recommend it.

On a more positive note, it does seem to suit combination skin quite well, with camellia sinensis leaf extract benefiting oily skin in addition to the previously mentioned ingredients that benefit dry skin.

After I finish this product, I’m not 100% sure whether or not I’ll be purchasing again, but for a £5 TK Maxx Bargain, I’m not complaining! If you have skin that’s tough as nails with no complaints and very rare breakouts, this product might work for you… otherwise use with a little caution!

Sorry this review hasn’t been as in-depth as usual, I’m writing this on one of my many many train journeys in the last 48 hours from home to job interviews and assessments and now I’m on my way back to university! It’s a busy time, but I’m finding little moments to produce some content for you guys! I’m also working on my evening skincare routine, which I aim to publish by Saturday!

I haven’t inserted a link here for where you can buy it because I’m not wholeheartedly sold on this product and NEVER recommend products that I don’t believe in (which is one reason you’ll never see me recommend Elemis! Oops…).

Have you tried this Latte Art scrub before? If you have, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, or drop me an email!

Stay cute,


X x X.

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