Back for Good

After taking a horribly long break away from blogging I’m very pleased to be back. Since I last posted, I’ve had my tonsils removed, been diagnosed with Dyspraxia (nobody was surprised), had at least 5 mental breakdowns, been diagnosed (then undiagnosed then re-diagnosed before being “undiagnosed” again) with PCOS and dyed my hair pink. Needless to say, it’s been a busy time with plenty of ups and downs. Moving on, I’m hoping to be able to go for a laparoscopy over the summer, which will hopefully shed a bit more light on the whole ovary situation. Despite all of these life events, i’m pleased to say that everything is feeling strangely alright. Uncomfortable with a pinch of stress, but alright nonetheless. I might write a post about these in more detail in the near future.

I think that it’s the best time for me to get back into writing again since it will serve as equal parts distraction and de-stress, and I’ve really missed it. I’ve recently been able to purchase some much needed and long-desired skincare products for my daily AM and PM routines which I hope to be sharing with you soon. I’ve also taken the plunge and upgraded my WordPress to premium, giving me a few funky new features to play around with. On this point, you might notice a few teething issues with my “learning” and things might seem a bit weird or badly formatted, so apologies in advance! Additionally, if any of you more tech-savvy people would like to offer me some guidance then please do drop me a message with your tips and tricks – they will be greatly appreciated for sure! Additionally, i have a new domain, which WordPress says might play up a little for the next couple of days so let me know if there are any issues.

I’ve managed to add a few widgets on my site so far, so go and check out my Instagram if you get a chance, particularly if you like alternative fashion and pastel colours! I would like to add the fact that I do use affiliate codes in my links to products that I personally recommend. This means that if you decide you want to try a product i’ve recommended, then I will earn a small amount of commission. By doing this, I can recommend products that I’ve researched and have enjoyed and it allows me to be able to save some money to do other skincare reviews πŸ™‚ If you have any questions about this, please drop a message in the comments or message me directly. From what I understand it’s very much standard practice but I just wanted to let readers know.

In other news, my Etsy store will be live again after I’ve finished uni, so around July time at the moment! I’m also planning a trip to Japan for later in the year, which I intend to blog each day I’m there. If there’s anything you would like me to check out whilst I’m in Japan, let me know since I’ll be spending 10 nights in Tokyo and 5 nights in Kyoto!

So sorry for being gone so long – Trust me, I’m here to stay now so expect to hear more from me in the way of skincare, travel and general life sorta stuff.

Over and out


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