Skincare Review #5: Lush “Dream Steam Steamer Tab”

Today I’m testing out a Lush product, because I mean who doesn’t love Lush? Even though I’ve had issues with a few of their products not sitting right for my skin, I’m still really excited to give this product a go. If you want to take a look at their website or buy the product, click here . In the past, I’ve mainly used bath bombs and jellies so I thought that having a closer look at their skincare could be a really nice idea.

One of the greatest things about Lush is the fact that they campaign against animal testing and ethically source their products whilst maintaining a strong focus on the quality and ingredients. Lush do not like to refer to themselves as an ‘ethical company’ because they believe that all companies should be ethical and so it should be part of the ‘norm’. if oyu are interested, there is plenty of information about all kinds of the ethical standpoints of this company, which can be found here.

The reason I decided to give this product a whirl is because I went in and asked the lovely Lush team which skin toning products they had that were paraben free, since my last toner from Lush contained them. I’m really hoping that this product works for me!

Drumroll please, it’s ingredient-checking time!

Lush Dream Steam Steamer Tab Includes:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose), Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Rosa Centifolia (Cabbage Rose) Oil

At first glance, this product looks pretty promising; It’s paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free, alcohol free and fungal acne safe! It is most suited to dry skin as it contains Chamomilla Recutita (AKA chamomile), which helps to increase the moisture content of the skin and also possesses soothing qualities for sensitive skin types!

However, it contains tea tree oil, lavender oil and citric acid which are said to be high risk ingredients for people with sensitive skin – Not sure how my skin is going to react to this! If your skin is not sensitive (firstly, lucky you because around 50% of people describe their skin as sensitive), then the tea tree oil possesses great acne fighting properties and citric acid possesses anti ageing properties and helps to even out pigmentation issues.

This product weighs in at approximately 53% low-risk ingredients – I feel like that is almost worryingly low for people with problematic skin and allergies.

Six of the thirteen ingredients are known allergens (46%).

Below, I’ll be referring to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) ratings of chemical safety:

Linalool: A terpene ( a volatile, unsaturated hydrocarbon found in essential oils). Possesses a moderate overall health hazard according to the EWG rating of 5. Most problematic as an allergen.

Limonene: A terpene found in essential oils. Moderate overall hazard, most problematic as a potential allergen. EWG rating of 6.

Geraniol: Naturally occurring scent component of essential oils. Moderate to high allergen concern with a safety score of 7/10 (high risk!).

Benzyl Benzoate: Used as a preservative. Associated with contact dermatitis and allergies. Safety score of 6 (moderate)

Benzyl Cinnamate: Known allergen, used for fragrance purposes and found to be naturally occurring in Balsam of Peru (sap found in a variety of trees and shrubs) EWG rating of 5.

Citronellol: Known allergen. Used for fragrance purposes and is a constituent of rose oil EWG rating of 5.

There are two methods of using this Steamer tab. You can simply plop it into a sink or bowl of hot water and hold your face over it, or you can do the same thing and bottle the water and use it as a toner that way. I’ve decided to bottle it, but i’m a little scared of the ingredients.

Tiny little face tab thingy.
IMG_4476 (1)
Steamer tab, fizzing away in hot water.

After the tab had totally disintegrated, I left it to cool and put it into a spray bottle. I spritzed it across my face 5 or 6 times and waited to see how my skin felt. The most noticeable effect for me was a subtle but uncomfortably tight feeling across my face but other than that it actually felt quite refreshing. Unfortunately for me, I feel like there aren’t enough useful active ingredients in this product for me to consider adding it to part of my skincare routine and certainly wouldn’t replace my main toner that I’m using at the moment (which I’ll be giving a short n’ sweet review on in the not too distant future). I’m sorry this hasn’t been the most interesting review, but I hope that it has been helpful for at least a few of you!

Peace out

x x x


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