A Warm Welcome

A warm and humble welcome from me to all cosmetic, aesthetic, fashion, underwear and body positivity enthusiasts! Blogging is not something I am very familiar with, but talking about what’s important and empowering to me, is! So here I am, preparing to share my innermost thoughts on beautiful things with all of you beautiful people – or possibly just with myself, depending on how this goes!


What inspired me to start a blog?

Like many people, I’ve experienced a lot of life’s curveballs; body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety and PTSD to name a few of the most prominent negative forces that have taken my head hostage at one point or another. Very recently I realised that my actions and my thoughts are the two things that I can control and that time is only wasted worrying about what misconceptions others may have about me. Knowing that I have spent too much time bowing down to my afflictions, I’ve decided to create a public and positive space for myself, where I can share my experiences and interests with likeminded people.

I believe that there is a really important shift happening in the world right now, with more and more people vocalising their thoughts and feelings in regards to one of the biggest issues to plague new generations – mental wellbeing. In a world where everything is connected and recorded, in a world where we can share anything with anyone at the click of a button, there are endless advantages. however it is also a breeding ground for all of our worst fears and greatest insecurities. I want to be part of the collective voice that pleads “Let us be happy, regardless of our shapes and sizes, our afflictions and our internal conflictions that scream am I enough?” the answer is Yes, and it will always be yes. 


What will I be writing about?

Literally anything! However, my main focuses will be:

Makeup – Brands, styles, detailed product reviews, tutorials (in the future!) and recommendations.

Skincare – Oh yes! Korean skincare is a very recent and growing obsession of mine! I’ll be sharing my favourite products and brands and talking about my skincare routines!

Aesthetics – Because I can never decide what I like more, i’ll often be talking about my own conflicting styles and aesthetics – Kawaii (A Japanese pop-culture style revolving around cute things and ‘cuteness’ – what could be more perfect?) and secondly my own cohesion of industrial-grunge-steampunk styles all rolled into one perfect angsty package, when the mood suits!

Lingerie and underwear – one of the most important (and oh so frustrating) things to me is underwear. Specifically, well fitting underwear that makes the most of my body shape.

Mental health – The good, the bad and the really fucking ugly. From time to time, i’ll be talking about my personal struggles and victories. Recovery happens one moment at a time, folks <3.

If any of this interests you, then be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming posts! x x x





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